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The boat rental company in Miami is owned and operated by a pair of French gentlemen. Having moved from France to Miami some years ago, both come with impressive business experience, allowing them to operate tourist and hospitality related services and attractions. Their modo is to always provide the best services and always looking good by maintaining and keeping new, modern boats that always work!

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You can call or text Miami Rent Boat to ask about renting a boat in Miami. To rent a boat now go to book boat rental online. At Miami Rent Boat we speak English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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At Miami Rent Boat, our boat rental services team, speak English, French, Spanish & Italian to assist locals and Miami tourist with the best boat rental services in South Florida.

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Rent boats in Miami from Miami's most reliable boat rental company. Drive boat exploring Miami's Biscayne Bay! Be your own captain on self-rental boat. The best 20ft boat rentals without captain in Miami, Florida. Rent boat by hour, half day & full day boat rentals.

  • Drive boats, sight-see and explore Miami!
  • Cruise by other boaters like fishing boats, yachts & sailboats. See Miami's marine wildlife.
  • Watch people on paddle boards, kayaks & jet skis while driving boat to Islands in Biscayne Bay. Explore sandbars by snorkeling and other water sports in Biscayne Bay.

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Miami Rent Boat is located in Sea Isle Marina.

An Exclusive Miami Boat Rental Company
An Exclusive Miami Boat Rental Company