Boating Miami on Biscayne Bay | Miami Rent Boat

How to Rent Boats in Miami

Have you been looking around to see how to rent a boat in Miami?

Miami Rent Boat makes it easy to rent boats in Miami. Simply decide how long you want to be able to drive boat and select an open date and time for your rental.

Miami Rent Boat owns the newest fleet of cruising boats in Miami. Most times you can always reserve your ideal time and date for the boat rental.

Visit our Boat Rental section to get started on your boat reservation.

You do not need a license to drive a boat in Miami.

To drive a boat in Miami with Miami Rent Boat, you must be 30 years or older, have a boating license or simply take the FREE online boating test before your scheduled boat rental date.

Upon boarding your boat, Miami Rent Boat staff will provide a brief boat safety instructions to keep boaters safe.

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