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Get three hours of boating with a boat rental Miami, FLRent a boat and drive boat yourself on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida for 3-hours with Miami Rent Boat!


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Three Hour Boat Rental Miami

When renting a boat rental in Miami, all boat drivers must have a Boating License or have a certificate for the Safety Boating Education Test. You can take a FREE boating test at to rent from our boat rental Miami service location.


  • Price: Rent boats for $375
  • Boating Time: 3Hr
  • People: Maximum 8 People per boat rental
  • Gas:  Gas Included on all rented boats
  • Ice and Water: Included on all boats rented


  • What is your name and email?
  • How old is the driver?
  • How many people on the boat? (Max 8)
  • Departure time you want to book?
  • How many hours?
  • Take your ID (matching with the cc)

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Check out the best boat rental Miami has! Rent 20 foot Boats in Miami, Florida.

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Book a boat rental Miami at Miami Rent Boat, with your friends or family with no captain! Explore Miami’s Bay on new fully equipped boats! Meet us at our boat docks in Venetian Marina & Yacht Club on Biscayne Bay. After a brief boat safety instructions, you will become your own Boat Captain


Our boat fleet provides shades and plenty of sitting in the boat. All Boat rentals provide easy access to the water when swimming is required! Add snorkeling gear or a bottle of champagne when you create your Miami boating reservation! Discover hidden islands, celebrity homes & wild dolphins as you cruise on Biscayne Bay! Take up to 8 people on board each boat rental.

The best boat rental options in South Florida's Miami Rent Boat

Get boat rentals on Biscayne Bay in Miami at Miami Rent BoatRent the best boats available for rent in Miami. See boat rental insights, pictures, reviews and more with Google. We provide top-rated boat rentals with everything included in the price. No hidden deposits or fees!


Rent a boat and drive boat yourself on our self-rental boats on Biscayne Bay, Florida.

Reserve a Miami boat rental onlineRent the best boats, worry-free and with the best rental service staff with the best boat rental Miami service!

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